Monday, September 8, 2008

Williamsburg: Massive Crowd Turns Out For Political Rally

The Williamsburg community was treated to a political spectacular with the ringing endorsement of many leading Rabbonim and Askonim gathering on Sunday in the center the Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum Square. The lifelong Askan Rabbi Leib Glanz fired up the crowd with exhortations for every one to participate in Tuesdays elections.

Congressman Anthony Weiner ,a leading Mayoral candidate and friend of the Chassidishe World demanded that State government do more to solve the housing crunch crisis, lack of City jobs for Chareidi Jewry and job protection for Sabbath observers. His biggest applause came when he alluded to the protection of the sacred practice of Milah in all its tradition as protected by the 1st amendment to the Constitution.

The main attraction was the ringing endorsement of Daniel Squadron, a prominent attorney and politically active Askan. His good work for Senator Schumer and other government agencies has earned him the endorsement of not only the Senator but also Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Times for his forward thinking and progressive politics.

He promised to search ways to improve the health and safety for the woman and children in his District and to provide whatever resources necessary to address the many needs of the beautiful Kehiloth in South Brooklyn.

The thousands of participants were enthused with the hope that they have finally been heard by the powers that be and would see real progress in the days to come.

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