Monday, September 8, 2008

Rav Ravitz Files a Complaint With Israel’s Journalists’ Council

MK (Degel HaTorah) Rabbi Avraham Ravitz has filed a complaint with Israel’s journalists’ council following the release of a defamatory caricature in the in a local Yerushalayim newspaper. In his letter, he explains that together with his family they visited Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, questioning how a local newspaper in Israel can publish a similar caricature against chareidim.

The caricature appeared in the ‘Yerushalmi’ Shabbos edition which hit the stands on Friday, with a front page defamatory depiction of chareidim. He questions the “anti-Semitic” caricature, adding the secularists are welcome to visit chareidi educational institutions and compare conditions to those of secular schools, stating they will see who enjoys the bulk of funding and government grace.

He makes mention of the fact that Yerushalayim is under attack by vandals who repeatedly attack the eruv poles. He addresses the painful fact that the newspaper seeks to incite against the entire chareidi population, using tools that send a powerful and painful reminder of the “dark days in the history of the Jewish People.”

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