Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worker Throws Chickens At Mashgiach In Jerusalem Kosher Poultry Plant

Jerusalem, Israel -- A Kashrus Mashgiach at an "Of Yerushalayim" Kosher poultry plant was surprised when an Arab worker began cursing and throwing slaughtered chickens at him during a Kashrus inquiry.

The Mashgiach was visually inspecting chickens at the plant, and decided that the rinsing of the chickens prior to salting was not being done properly. But when he called over an Arab manager and asked him to have the chickens re-washed, the manager began to argue with him, insisting that the chickens had in fact been rinsed properly and there was nothing wrong with them. The manager then began cursing the Mashgiach, becoming increasingly enraged, and finally started throwing raw chickens at the Mashgiach.

"The manager quickly crossed into action, and started throwing nearby slaughtered chickens at the Mashgiach," said an eyewitness who was on the scene. "It's important to notice," he continued, "that not one of the Arab workers who were on the scene and witnessed the incident tried to dissuade him from this barbaric action."

The plant's supervisor, Danny Mizrachi, said he had not heard of the incident. "In any matter relating to Kashrus, the Rabbis are the highest authority," he said. "When there are exceptional cases in which a worker behaves inappropriately, the Mashgichim submit a report to me and I take the complaint very seriously."

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