Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Israeli Government To Consider "Evacuation-Compensation" Plan

Jerusalem, Israel -- The government will discuss Vice Premier Chaim Ramon's “evacuation-compensation” proposal on Sunday, the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement on Wednesday.

The initiative would financially compensate Jewish settlers in return for moving from contested settlements to undisputed parts of the country. According to estimates, there would be tens of thousands of settlers who would evacuate peacefully in return for compensation.

The money is meant to diminish settlers' objections to being evacuated, a lesson learned from the painful and often violent clashes between settlers and soldiers or police officers during the Gaza disengagement in 2005.

The Prime Minister's office said that no immediate decision would be made on the subject. "The Prime Minister wants to hear what his ministers have to say," Olmert's staff said in a statement.

The spokesman of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judaea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip said in response that "the only evacuation pending is the evacuation of the government, for the failures it has brought the citizens of Israel."

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