Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stamford Shul Commissions Sefer Torah In Memory Of Congregant's Child

Stamford, CT -- This year, the Young Israel of Stamford will embark on a project that will allow all members of the Jewish community of Stamford to participate in the writing of a Sefer Torah. The new Torah will be dedicated in memory of Kerav Roitman, who succumbed to a fatal infection earlier this year at the age of 2½ .

The project will officially begin at the Stamford Jewish Community Center on October 5. Individuals will be able to make a donation towards the writing of one letter, one word, or one sentence in the Torah. Larger donations can also be made for a sponsorship of an entire Perek, Parshah, or Chumash.

“As a Shul and as a community, we prayed for and recited Tehillim for the welfare of Kerav Roitman,” said Eliezer Silverman, chair of the Sefer Torah committee. “Our deeply felt concern for his welfare and the well being of his parents united us as a community. Therefore, we decided immediately, after learning of his tragic passing, to dedicate our Sefer Torah in his memory. It is our hope that through this Sefer Torah, Kerav and his warm smile will live on forever in the Jewish community in Stamford.”

Kerav’s father, Brian Roitman, said he was touched by the community’s efforts. "Throughout Kerav's 2½ years, this special community has poured an incalculable amount of Chesed into our family. Dedicating a Sefer Torah in Kerav's memory is simply overwhelming,” he said.

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