Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Belarus Memorial To Commemorate Jews Murdered In Holocaust

Smolyarka, Belarus- Work has begun in the Brest region of Belarus on erecting a memorial to commemorate local Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

The new monument will stand near the village of Smolyarka, in the exact location where many of these Jews lost their lives. A 2006 excavation uncovered four mass graves at the site.

Moderate estimates contend that more than 3,000 Jewish civilians were murdered by Nazi forces and their sympathizers in the western Belarus region.

Made of black granite by Minsk craftspeople, the monument will feature text written in three languages – Hebrew, Belorussian, and English. The inauguration ceremony is slated to take place on Oct. 12, the date on which residents of Berez-Kartuzskiy and the Brest ghetto were murdered more than six decades ago.

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