Friday, September 5, 2008

New York - New Law Allows Pharmacists to Give Flu Shots

New York - Gov. David Paterson said today he has signed legislation to let pharmacists administer flu and pneumonia shots, a change expected to boost the number of adults getting vaccinated statewide.

New York pharmacists who complete state training and certification will be permitted to give the shots with a prescription from a physician or nurse practitioner starting Dec. 4. Three-year certifications would cost $100.

“Allowing pharmacists to immunize would increase access to vaccinations as pharmacies are open long hours, on weekends and most holidays,” said Sen. Charles Fuschillo, a Long Island Republican who sponsored the bill.

State Education Department data showed 20,303 state-licensed pharmacists at the start of 2008, with 16,219 listing primary mailing addresses in New York.

In New York City alone, some health experts said the measure could increase the number of seniors who get the shots by 50,000 or more.

Source: AP

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