Monday, September 1, 2008

Melbourne Shul To Become A Chabad Shul

Melbourne, Australia -- Following a meeting of members earlier this month, the Carnegie Minyan of Melbourne will become affiliated with Chabad-Lubavitch,

As part of the new arrangement, R’ Levi Bondar will step down from his position and be replaced by R’ Zalman Gutnick, the son of leading Melbourne Chabad community member, R' Yosef Gutnick.

“Chabad is best placed to address the needs of our community,” said Carnegie president Yossi Smith. “It has the resources to help us develop and will allow us to tap into the Melbourne religious community.”

Joseph Gutnick has already thrown financial support behind the Shul, with new windows, heating, and air-conditioning to be installed by Rosh HaShanah.

However, not everyone supports the new arrangement. Former president Associate Professor Danny Ben-Moshe said it was disappointing that calls for financial assistance in the past had been ignored to the point where the Shul had no choice but to speak to Chabad. According to Ben-Moshe, had the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the State Zionist Council been forthcoming with financial and practical support in the past, or even been familiar with data indicating the growth in the local Jewish population, the congregation would likely still be in existence in its previous shape and form.

“If ever there was a case of what we lack as a result of community research and a community appeal, it is the case and fate of the Carnegie Minyan, a case which affects hundreds of individuals,” Ben-Moshe said.

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