Monday, September 1, 2008

Jerusalem Court Rules PA Must Pay $116 Million To Terror Victims

Jerusalem, Israel -- Jerusalem District Court Judge Aharon Farkash ruled on Monday that a 2004 US court ruling, according to which the Palestinian Authority must pay compensations of more than $116 million to terror victims' families, is enforceable in Israel.

In July 2004, a US court ruled that the Palestinian Authority must pay some $116 million to the relatives of Yaron and Efrat Unger, who were killed in a 1996 terror attack. But when the family asked Israeli authorities to enforce the court ruling, the PA objected, claiming that paying the high compensations would lead to its financial collapse, and so would have public, political, financial and security implications for Israeli citizens. Judge Farkash said that legally, the US court ruling qualified as a verdict that was enforceable in Israel.

“How can one accept the claim that a legal ruling should not be enforced because it might hurt the perpetrator financially? Should we not punish convicted persons for no other reason than that it might cause their bankruptcy?” Judge Farkash wrote.

He added that the Palestinian claim that the ruling would lead to its financial collapse was not proven, and seemed unrealistic.

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