Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cleaning Lady Arrested In Williamsburg - $10,000 Retrieved by WSPU

Once again a cleaning lady in a Frum home has been arrested for stealing jewelry.

The most recent incident occurred this past Friday afternoon, when a Williamsburg woman was getting ready for Shabbos and noticed her jewelry missing. All eyes in the home quickly turned to their [Polish] cleaning lady who was still in the home at the time. Her husband quickly called Williamsburg Shomrim (WSPU) who arrived and attempted to question the cleaning lady. Upon realizing that she had been cornered, she attempted to flee the home, but Shomrim units managed to apprehend her until the NYPD arrived.

Her belongings were searched, and $10,000 in jewelry was found on her possession! She was placed under arrest, and the couple is pressing charges against her.

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