Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brooklyn, NY - Hasidic Man Goes Public On Radio Show About His Torment of Abuse Fifteen Years Ago, As a Child, at the Hands of Two Community Members

Brooklyn, NY - Tonight on “THE DOV HIKIND SHOW” WMCA 570 AM @11:00 PM A hasidic 44 year old married man a survivor of Sexual abuse will appear together with his wife, to speak out about the torment of his abuse fifteen years Ago, as a Child, at the Hands of Two Community Members.

Living with the Trauma, Living with the Terror,A & Living with the Truth Sexual Abuse can be repressed with the trauma revisited in sensory triggers and stressors which set off a vivid revisiting of the molestation and exploitation. The horror can be replayed on the mind’s eye without reprieve, muting and dulling life’s joys and exacerbating life’s reversals. It is a rape of the soul.

Any one who wonders why this is such an important topic that needs to continue to be raised in our community should listen to the show.

You can listen live on the internet here www.
you can call in the radio program: 718-436-1700

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