Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrats Nominate Obama For President

Sen. Barack Obama has won the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency Wednesday, a first for a black man in either major U.S. political party.
In a moment of high political drama, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, his former rival, spoke for her New York delegation, and cast all their 282 votes for Obama, giving him enough delegates to win the nomination and end their long battle for their party’s nod to face presumed Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.
Obama landed at Denver International Airport early in the evening, bringing him to Colorado after he made a series of campaign stops along the way. He was across town as the delegates cast their votes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said from the podium that Obama accepted the nomination.
Less than an hour before the roll call of the states, Clinton gathered in an emotional meeting with her delegates, telling them she was releasing them to vote for Obama.

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