Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crown, Heights NY - Hearing of 770 Gabboim appeal against Aguch

The appeal presented by the Gabboim (Meschichist) of 770 against the ruling of Judge Ira Harkavy that Aguch (Krinsky) are the sole owners and determine policy in 770 was heard Tuesday in court by a panel of four judges.

Lawyers for both sides presented their arguments and claims and the judges drilled both sides very thoroughly.

In a very unusual move Judge Harkavy who issued the verdict on the case before the appeal was also in court as a spectator. This raised many eyebrows since a judge that presided over a hearing that is being appealed never attends the appeal of his own verdict. However, Judge Harkavy had retired after this verdict and decided to be an "observer" in the case.

After the hearing a member of one of the sies asked Harkavy what was his impression of yesterday's hearing. He replied "I cannot express an opinion but I can only say that both sides presented their case very clearly and the court will have to rule and determine this case.
Both sides were told that the final verdict could take 5 weeks up to a year.

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