Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yisrael Meir Briskman - Get Refuser

The High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem hereby notifies the public that the husband who refuses to give his wife a get by the name of Yisrael Meir (son of Moshe Zalman) Briskman has made his wife an aguna. Therefore, the High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem has levied against him Harchakot D'Rabbeinu Tam, as brought in the Rema, Even HaEzer 154:21:

1. It is not permitted to include him in a minyan.
2. It is not permitted to enter into transactions with him in any manner.
3. It is not permitted to extend to him a kindness or favor in any form (including: hachnossos orchim—hosting him as a guest and bikkur cholim-visiting him if he is ill)
4. It is not permitted to make it possible for him to study or to teach in a yeshiva framework or in a framework of a kollel for avreichim.
5. It is not permitted to provide him with lodging whether for payment or free of charge.

Signed by:
HaRav Shlomo Daichovsky, Dayan
HaRav Avraham Sherman, Dayan
HaRav Chagai Izirer, Dayan
If you know the whereabouts or other information regarding Yisrael Meir Briskman, please contact the Directorate of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts immediately:Tel: +972 – 2 – 6582823 Tel/Voicemail: +972 – 2- 6582833Fax: +972 – 2-6515499 Email:

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