Friday, September 12, 2008

Williamsburg Shomrim Nab School Burglar Posing As Janitor

A burglar posing as a janitor in a Williamsburg Girls Yeshiva, has just been nabbed by Williamsburg Shomrim.

Shomrim received phone calls on Thursday morning stating that an African American male in his mid 40’s was seen in the classrooms as school was starting for the day - holding a broom and a bunch of garbage bags. Upon the arrival of Shomrim the man had fled, but the video footage said it all.

The film showed the man entering the building along with the children in the morning, and somehow managed to get a broom and enter a classroom - pretending to be cleaning the floors. What he was really doing was stealing pocketbooks belonging to the teachers.

A photo of the man was printed out and distributed to Shomrim units, and units were on patrol this morning keeping an eye out for him. Sure enough, he was spotted near another Yeshiva building on Friday morning walking around suspiciously. The NYPD Anti-Crime Units were called, and together with Shomrim apprehended the man, and placed him under arrest.
Source: YWN

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