Thursday, September 25, 2008

Were the Congre$$men who wrote the scathing attack letter to Agriprocessors influenced by the money?

Those who are following the current events surrounding Agriprocessors, are no doubt wondering about, or rather coming to the conclusion that something else must be playing a roll here.
Here are some facts which may shed some light unto this;

In the 2008 election cycle the following Congressman were included on the U.F.C.W. (United Food & Commercial Workers Union):
Jan Schakowsky, $10,000 (she also “happens” to be -as quoted in the Forward- a vocal critic of Agri in Washington).
Henry Waxman, $5,000Barney Frank, $5,000
Howard Berman, $5,000
Rahm Emanuel $5,000Steve Israel $4,000Ron Klein $1,000
Debbie Wasserman Schultz $1,000
Robert Wexler $1,000
Also note that the Democratic house as a whole received $1,340,857 vs. the Republicans $500.

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