Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Turned Away from Voting Yesterday? Greenfield Launches Probe into Election Day Irregularities

David Greenfield, an attorney and community advocate, has launched an investigation into dozens of complaints that he received from registered voters who were denied the opportunity to vote in yesterday’s Primary Election.

Mr. Greenfield spent Primary Election Day as a volunteer election lawyer working from 5am to 10pm to make sure that every single registered voter could vote and that every vote was counted. “A basic principle of our democracy is that every single vote should count,” said Greenfield, “While going from poll site to poll site yesterday to ensure that our community’s votes were counted, I received an unprecedented number of complaints from community voters who were denied the opportunity to vote,” Greenfield explained.

you had a problem voting yesterday that you would like Greenfield to investigate, please email your name, address and specific voting complaint to David Greenfield at or call the disenfranchised voter hotline at (347) 562-1224.

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