Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turmoil At Lakewood Cheder - Teachers Strike, Status Of Administrator Uncertain

Lakewood N.J. -- The Lakewood Cheder, the oldest boys school serving the Yeshiva community in Lakewood, is undergoing turmoil this week. The status of R' Baruch Manes, the administrator of the Yeshiva, is in question, with conflicting reports as to whether or not he will be staying on in his position moving forward. In recent weeks, there has been pressure placed upon him to resign.

In a parallel development, the secular studies teachers at the Cheder have gone on strike due to dissatisfaction with the terms of their compensation. Sources say that this issue is intertwined with issues relating to issue of R' Manes' resignation.

As of now, all students are leaving school each day at the completion of Limudei Kodesh.

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