Monday, September 1, 2008

Student Organizations Galore on First Day of Classes

Take a walk on the drag and it's fairly obvious that with the throng of students that school is back in session at the University of Texas.Tables lined the sidewalks Wednesday, featuring different clubs and organizations all encouraging the students to get involved.It all might be a little intimidating for incoming freshman but that's not the intention.Rabbi Zev Johnson with the Chabad Jewish student organization said the plethora of organizations offer students the opportunity for self-expression.“The organizations out here give the opportunity to the students to hone in on what their personal talents might entail and what skills, what passion they might have in their personal lives,” he said. “It gives them the ability to choose a beautiful opportunity of self-expression in whatever student peer group might be out there.”Rabbi Johnson is a UT alum and he said it's great to be able to return to campus and help the students get on the right track.

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