Monday, September 8, 2008

Stamford Hill, England - Jewish Woman Cannot Be Buried Until Police Find Next Of Kin

Stamford Hill, England -- A distressing incident in Stamford Hill has left a Jewish woman denied burial by the law enforcement authorities. Sylvia Kamen, who lived in Stamford Lodge, was not seen in the neighborhood for a few days before a caretaker noticed a foul odor coming from under her door. Police broke into the apartment and found the woman’s body dead on the floor.

The law enforcement authorities are unable to release the body for burial until they contact her next of kin, thought to be in America. However, no one is sure who they are or how to reach them. Signs have been hung in Stamford Hill asking for information about Ms. Kamen. If anyone has ideas or leads, call 020-8800-9892 or 07939-128-353. Organizers have urged callers to send text messages in the event of there being no answer at the above numbers.

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