Thursday, September 4, 2008

ST. PAUL, MN - Daily Minyan, Kosher Box Lunches For Jewish Guests in Twin Cities

The streets of Saint Paul this week are filled with both convention participants and protestors. Whoever they are, says Chabad representative Rabbi Mendel Feller, “We are here to serve them.”
“Our goal is to reach out to Jews who come for whatever reason and of whatever affiliation,” stresses Feller. “Lubavitch was active in Denver for the Democratic convention as well.”

The Republican National Convention is creating quite a stir in this otherwise docile capital city. Back in Minnesota for the first time since 1892, the RNC has the city hopping. Over 100 hotels are filled with 45,000 delegates, reporters, and guests who are sprouting as fast as late-season tomatoes. The months of planning by city and party officials are paying off, with visitors sampling the state’s finest in food, entertainment, and hospitality.


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