Monday, September 8, 2008

School Year Opens at Hundreds of Chinuch Atzmai Schools Around the Country

With the backing of gedolei Yisroel and with feelings of uplift and gratitude to Hashem Yisborach the school year began last week at Chinuch Atzmai schools for boys and girls in dozens of cities and communities in central as well as remote locations around Eretz Yisroel. Over 75,000 students took their seats at hundreds of schools, filling classrooms with the sounds of Torah and tefilloh from the mouths of tinokos shel beis rabbon carrying on the age-old educational tradition of our forefathers and rabbonim from generation to generation.

The smooth opening of the school year was made possible through strenuous efforts and weeks of prolonged meetings attended by Chinuch Atzmai heads and senior office staff members who spared no effort to ensure that the school year could get underway without a hitch despite the challenges posed by the various decrees and directives issued by the government and legal establishments recently to stifle and hamper the chareidi education system.

During their round of visits at various schools, Chinuch Atzmai heads Rabbi Avrohom Yosef Lazerson and Rabbi Tzvi Baumel noted gladly that through siyata deShmaya hundreds of institutions, talmudei Torah and Beis Yaakov schools were able to open their gates, and the two expressed their appreciation for the principals, academic supervisors and thousands of teachers who contribute toward passing on the legacy of Har Sinai to today's youth, in wholesomeness and in purity, based on the path set by our forefathers and rabbonim.

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