Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin's Rimless Specs Are in High Demand

Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's rimless eyeglasses created by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki are becoming a bipartisan must-have fashion accessory.

The company that manufacturers Palin's eyeglasses says its phones have been ringing off the hook. "We began hearing from our authorized dealers and they wanted to stock multiple pairs of the exact same frame and style and color that she had," said Amy Hahn, the vice president of Italee Optics, Inc.

The look is "smart, sophisticated and put together," said one customer.

Lara Decanps, who works at Artsee Eyewear in New York, said women are asking, "Where did she get those glasses? ...I want to find them." Insiders in the optical business say it's been a while since anyone has given their industry such a shot in the arm.

The frames cost about $375 without lenses.

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Anonymous said...

$375.00 for a pair of rimless glasses? So you are paying 375.00 for 2 sticks that you put around your ears. You oughtto be crazy to buy it at that price