Thursday, September 18, 2008

Postville, IA - Agriprocessors Names Bernard S. Feldman its New CEO

Postville, IA - Bernard S. Feldman, 63, a prominent New York attorney, was named the new Chief Executive Officer for Agriprocessors. Mr. Feldman, a resident Long Island, specializes in corporate law, debtor/creditors rights and workouts. As a specialist in the reorganization of many companies, Mr. Feldman’s first task will be to restore production at the plant to the level of pre-May 12th, the date of an immigration raid at the plant, said Aaron Rubashkin.

In accepting the position, Mr. Feldman said that he “looked forward to putting the company back on its feet and guiding it in the appropriate direction.” He emphasized that he was “an attorney who helped many companies regain their former position in an industry.”

Mr. Feldman’s statement continued: “The Company has made significant strides since May 12th in putting together a highly professional team with a great deal of integrity. I look forward to working with these people, including Jim Martin, a former US Attorney in Missouri, who serves as the compliance officer for our company. I will also work closely with the professional manpower firms, and OSHA specialists amongst others.”

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