Thursday, September 11, 2008

Popular talk show host Mr. Todd Schnitt, meets with Chabad Shluchim

On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Todd Schnitt, a very popular personality and conservative radio talk show host of “The Schnitt Show”, met with Rabbi Sholom Adler, Director of Chabad of Pinellas County along with Levi Hodakov, Program and Youth Director @ Chabad of Pinellas County in his Tampa, Florida studio.

Though his show was already underway Mr. Schnitt took time during the first break to chat with the Shluchim and to put on Tefillin. Hodakov presented Mr. Schnitt, a proud John McCain supporter, with a brand new McCippah.

Schnitt’s show is based out of Tampa but is also broadcast in Miami as well of parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and online.

Source: Shmais

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