Friday, September 5, 2008

Plane Lands On Garden State Parkway

A small plane has landed in the northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 102.5 . There are no reports of injuries, and it appears that the pilot made an emergency landing.

Traffic on the Parkway has been shut down at this time - and traffic is backing up. The plane is being loaded onto a flatbed truck to be removed from the scene. It does not appear that the highway will remain closed for much longer.

Additionally, the plane is a single engine Cessna 152 aircraft, and is currently on the right shoulder of the North-bound lanes. Emergency crews are on the scene at this time.

2:25PM EST: The plane has been removed from the scene at this time.

2:27PM EST: As of this time, the Garden State Parkway has been reopened.

To see a video Click here

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Thats crazzzzzzzY!