Friday, September 5, 2008

New York, NY - Mark Green to Fight Bloomberg on Term Limits

New York, NY - Former Public Advocate Mark Green is forming a coalition of civic and labor leaders to block Mayor Bloomberg from changing term limits.

Green described Bloomberg’s attempt to serve four more years by getting the City Council to pass a bill as “a Putin power grab,” referring to Russian iron-willed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

“After seven years agreeing to a two-term limit, Mayor Bloomberg’s potential flip-flop is outraging a lot of civic and labor leaders who I think will come together to oppose such a Putin power grab,” Green said.

He is all too aware of the billionaire mayor’s near-limitless resources, having lost to him in the 2001 mayoral race, the most expensive municipal election to that point. The mayor tore through $74 million to Green’s $16 million.

Green said civic and labor leaders at last week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver began discussing how to respond.

Source: NY Post

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Minister Ciro J. Di Donna said...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is estimated to be worth 14 Billion Dollars.
Back in Feb. of 2003, the Mayor was responcible to revoke the parking permits of three of our NYC Councilmen from parking their vehicles at City Hall to
prevent them from representing their constituents from their
districts. Most were forced to use taxi cab's to get to their
job's at City hall. The reason? All because they voted against
his real estate tax hike's.
Back in early July, Mayor Bloomberg threatened to bank roll
any opponent in the coming election's against several of the
Councilmen who did not vote for his Congestion Pricing Plan.
This is a man who one political leader said and I quote: He
(the Mayor) is not use to anyone saying no to him. We the
public have voted and we say no to Mayor Michael Bloomberg
in his quest to seek a third term in public office.
In my opinion, this corporate micro-manager does not want
to lose his political immunity while in public office from
possible Federal prosecution for discriminating against three
pregnant woman who lost their job's in his company. Attorney
General Andrew Cuomo has the obligation to the people of
our state to investigate all off these allegation's in a public
forum and remove this tyrant who is quick to call a deceased
9/11 responder who had died from breathing in the toxic air
at ground zero "not a hero" should be removed from public
office and sent packing to his corporate headquarters were he
and his cronies could abuse more pregnant women.
I have a friend who was a 9/11 responder and was just
notified that something was growing in his lungs.
I'm sure the Mayor will tell his 16 year old daughter that her
father (God forbid) was not a hero and that they would not be
eligible for any monetary compensation and to "do more with
All from an arrogant wealthy man who never picked up a
shovel at ground zero.