Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Yeshiva Dedicated in Tiberias

Last Wednesday evening, a special gathering took place celebrating the opening of a new branch of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim in Tiberias. Present were local Rabbis Rabbi Baruch Levanoni and Rabbi Shimoni Kochevsky, the spiritual heads of the new yeshiva,who welcomed the crowd and explained the importance of the Chabad yeshiva and learning Chassidus.

The local Rabbis, headed by mara d’asra Rabbi E.D. Auerbach, also spoke and gave the new yeshiva their blessings. Local shliach Rabbi Yosef Kramer, who is also the menahel of the yeshiva said that it has been named in the memory of his late father, Rabbi Leib Kramer, who was the menahel of the Chabad yeshiva in Montreal for the last fifty years.

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