Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Site to Separate Fact and Fiction Regarding Agri

As America’s largest kosher meat packing plant, Agriprocessors remains in the public arena and individuals and consumers are eager to learn the truth about the company. FNR has just been notified that a new website,, has been launched to provide information allowing the public to decipher fact from fiction and encourage an educated opinion on matters relating to Agri.

The new site,, contains testimonials from the people who work and live in Postville, and those who have kept an eye on the media and have addressed troubling questions surrounding the company. The site features real people, real facts, and accurate information about Iowa’s Agriprocessors.


Jonathan Kamens said...

"Disclosure: This site and its content is presented by friends, family and supporters of Agriprocessors and the Rubashkin family."

I'm SURE this will be a COMPLETELY UNBIASED source of COMPLETELY FACTUAL and COMPLETELY COMPREHENSIVE information about Agriprocessors.

Yeah, right, pull the other one!

Anonymous said...

It seems that the friends and family... that write agrifacts are bringing fresh things to the table, not boring re-runs from other sites. look at what they have there, it seems that they are able to get ahold of some very interesting things.