Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jon Voight endorses John McCain for President on the Telethon

The State of California might be a bastion for Democrats but that didn’t stop actor Jon Voight from letting Chabad of California telethon viewers know that his choice for President is Senator John McCain and he hopes they will do the same. Voight’s announcement, that came shortly before 9:00pm on the east coast, was greeted with loud applause from members of the studio audience. This is the 18th year that Voight has appeared on the telethon.
Source: Shmais

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Telethon and the people around me were in shock. His comments had no place in an event aimed at raising funds for a charity. He really crossed the line.

And reports from people answering pledge phones were that many people called in to cancel their pledges.

Jon Voight has a right to express his political opinions, but the Chabad telethon was not the proper venue. He should be ashamed of himself!