Friday, September 5, 2008

Israel: Prosecution Orders an Investigation into Barak Obama’s Kosel Kvitel

A deputy state prosecutor, Shai Nitzan, on Thursday ordered Israel Police to launch an investigation into a Ma’ariv report disclosing the contents of the kvitel placed in the Kosel by visiting US presidential candidate Senator Barak Obama. The story explained the kvitel was taken from the Kosel stones, and it made its way to Ma’ariv, which in the story decided to include the contents of the kvitel.

In the complaint filed with the Justice Ministry, it states the removal of the kvitel and revealing its contents is a violation of the senator’s privacy, an insult to visitors to the Kosel, and an affront to the mispalalim who frequent the Kosel.

The complaint adds that placing kvitlach in the Kosel stones has become an international custom, one that people of all faiths take part in. As such, if the contents of notes are revealed, the custom is in jeopardy. Therefore, the complaint states that a failure to file criminal charges against Ma’ariv endangers the future of this widely accepted custom.

After examining the complaint and the different pertinent facts in the case, Nitzan decided a police investigation is warranted, moving ahead with charges of violating one’s privacy and desecration of a holy site. The State Prosecutor’s office adds it feels the matter is one of great public interest.

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