Sunday, September 7, 2008

Israel: Major Drug Bust in Northern Area

Northern district anti-drug police working with IDF forces during the predawn hours on Shabbos morning managed to intercept a drug shipment, representing the largest area drug bust across the border from Lebanon in history.

The force ‘happened’ to witness suspicious activity along the Israel/Lebanese border in the area of Birnit. The northern anti-drug unit’s commander, Ami Meulam explained that the force saw packages being hurled over the border, attracting the attention of the soldiers and police in the area. When the law-enforcement personnel moved in, they apprehended the suspects red-handed with 55kg. of heroin,10kg of hashish and $650,000 in cash. Three suspects were taken into custody, all residents of the south, all known to police, with extensive records in drug trafficking.

Police report the arrests deliver a major blow to the drug market, estimating the street worth of the drugs at NIS tens of millions.

It should be understood that the report of the drug activities along the border from Lebanon is quite significant, far more than just drug trafficking. Hizbullah is using the drug trade as part of its overall war against Israel, profiting from the drug trafficking as well as pleased with the reality that its actions result in feeding growing drug addictions in Israel, signaling another victory for the terrorists.

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