Monday, September 8, 2008

Four Chabad Bochurim Sit In Jail Due to Chareidi Conman

Four Chabad bochurim are currently sitting in jail due to the criminal activities of a chareidi man from Efrat.

Dozens of bochurim and members of Anash had approached this man, even while abroad, to ask for his help in arranging them a visa to the United States and solving certain problems with the IDF. The man extorted thousands of dollars from the bochurim without doing anything in return.

“I also tried him personally, when he promised to arrange a visa for my son,” reported one Chabad Chassid, who later investigated what he was up to. “I trusted him completely, but then I found out that he hadn’t arranged anything. He’s a smooth liar. At the last minute, I realized he’d cheated me. If not, my son could have stayed in America and gotten into trouble with the immigration authorities. This would have led to him losing the right to visit the United States in the future. This man is a top-class criminal, and it’s terrible to see how many bochurim are either sitting in jail or have lost their eligibility for a visa because of him.”

Apparently, dozens of bochurim who relied on this man got into trouble with the IDF because they thought he had arranged exemptions from military service for them. This week, for example, four Chabad Chassidim were jailed for this reason. They are now been held while they await a judgment on having avoided military service.

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