Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First annual RT Conference: A Success

Statistic after staggering statistic. 2,444,000 1,428,000…………… 712,000 out of 1,084,000 Jewish Children in the USA do not receive a Jewish education. "We are going to change it all, this is our goal. We are waging an uphill battle, and we will succeed" is the way Rabbi Sadya Engel of the NCFJE opened his speech at the first Annual NCFJE Released Time Conference earlier this week.

The two day conference is the first of a new multi-faceted initiative by the NCFJE to change the face of the young, hip, and sometimes unaffiliated new generation of American Jewry.

"Educating the Educators" is how one participant called it. The conference was attended by over 50 Rabbinical students, studying at Lubavitch World Headquarters 770, and was addressed by leading professionals, psychologists and educators.

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