Monday, September 8, 2008

Crown Heights, NY - Two Cars Collide

After patrolling the streets of Crown Heights on Motzai Shabbos Shmira/Shomrim members prepared to call it a night at around 5:30am when 2 members in one car heard the sound of two cars colliding. A quick investigation revealed an accident in the intersection of Empire and Albany.

An SUV traveling up Troy Avenue collided with a sedan traveling down Empire Boulevard, sending it flying up onto the sidewalk and knocking over a mail distribution box, and injuring both drivers.

Shmira/Shomrim member immediately alerted police and EMS who responded to the scene and treated both drivers and filled out an accident report. “One of the cars defiantly ran the red light” said a Shmira/Shomrim member on scene “it just isn’t clear who.” Both drivers accused each other of taking the light.

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