Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crown Heights, NY - Shmira Retrieves Stolen Bike

Motzoei Shabbos at around 10:00pm a bochur went inside a house on Crown St. (between Brooklyn and New York) leaving his bicycle outside for under a minute but when he returned, the bike was gone. The next day, the bochur noticed an African American male, around 20 years of age, walking the bike on Montgomery Street near Albany Avenue. The bochur followed from a distance while he dialed the Shmira hotline. Shmira members responded and approached the suspect on Montgomery Street near Troy Avenue. Upon seeing the Shmira members the suspect dropped the bike and fled. Shmira members followed the suspect to 825 Crown Street, between Utica and Rochester Avenues, where he fled into an apartment in the building.

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