Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brooklyn, NY - 20 Charedi Rabbis Issue ‘Kol Korah’ For Jews To Vote

Brooklyn, NY - In a community where the average person remains relatively unengaged with politics, and where voters remains low, comes news that Charedi leaders from across Brooklyn, launched a get-out-to-vote Drive with an unprecedented petition (Kol Korah) from leading rabbis in the community to encourage the community to go out an vote.
this move by Charedi rabbis in America, is newsworthy because unlike their Israeli counterparts, they have largely stayed out of politics. “Haredi rabbis shy away from politics in America,” said a charedi man from Borough Park who wished to remain anonymous. “To overcome that taboo is hard.”
community activists in the New York haredi community pointed out, the reason the rabbis are calling upon NYC residents to vote, is because the influence of the orthodox community in Brooklyn has strongly diminished in Albany in the past few years because politicians noticed a strong decline of Jewish voters. they also point out that this year the community may have more at stake, with Simcha Felder running.

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