Monday, September 1, 2008

Both Satmar Rebbe's, Reb Aaron and Reb Zalman, are covering up for Satmar Child Sex Abusers and Pedophiles

In Most Jewish Organizations, each institution is responsible for their own independent funding and each organization has it's own jurisdiction.In Satmar, however, all their educational institutions and their leadership and control is completely under the control of these 2 Satmar Rebbes. These 2 Satmar Rebbe's have full and final say on anything and everything that goes on in Satmar.
That's why these 2 Rebbe's are fighting so bitterly, against each other because it means full control of all Satmar Institutions and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars which these 2 Rebbe's control, single handedly, for all of Satmar.The current Satmar Teacher who was also and Administrator of the UTA Satmar Yeshiva, who allegedly abused many boys at the Yeshiva, is allegedly left in place to continue to teach with the complete approval of these 2 Satmar Rebbe's Aaaron and Zalman Teitelbaum.Although the Law Suit does not name these 2 Rebbe's they should be named because nothing happens in Satmar without their full approval.
The cover up that Satmar has done so far is a direct indictment of these 2 Rebbe's, as long as they continue to refuse to throw out all of the leadership of UTA who is directly responsible for the rehiring this Pedophile.Satmar is the largest Chassidic Group in the world today and if all Satmar Chassidim don't demand that their 2 Rebbe's speak out against Pedophiles, and if the 2 Rebbe's refuse and we still don't have 100,000 Satmar Chassidim demonstrating in the streets, to overthrow their 2 Rebbe's, for their silence against Pedophilia, then it's also an indictment of all Satmar Chassidim.There is nothing in this world that is as cruel and inhumane as Pedophilia and if all Satmar Chassidim are not demonstrating in the streets against their leadership, then they are all no better than the Pedophile himself.There are no words to describe the excruciating pain of children and parents who are victims of child sex abuse, especially when the 2 Satmar Rebbe's allow their subordinates to continue the cover up and rehire the same pedophile for the new year.

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