Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beit She’an, Israel - Couple Arrested for Hitting Their Children With Belts

Beit She’an, Israel - A couple was arrested Sunday evening on suspicion of hitting three of their four children, aged two, five and eight. The man, 40, and woman, 30, have one other child together - a two-year-old.

Beit She’an Police made the arrests after receiving a report from a welfare worker who suspected the child abuse. The children were taken to foster families.

A child welfare worker began an investigation and collected evidence that the parents had hit the children with belts.

The woman, 30, was arrested first and confessed, saying she and her husband had hit the children for educational purposes. Her husband, 40, was detained several hours later.

The Tiberias Magistrates Court will consider Monday the police request to extend the parents’ remand.

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