Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sullivan County, NY - Satmar - Lubavtich Strengthen Its Relationship With New Mikvah Donation

Sullivan County, NY - White Lake is a small hamlet in the town of Bethel on Route 17B. As most people familiar with the Catskills in Sullivan County know, White Lake becomes a strong Satmar enclave during the summer months. Few people, however, know that a new Mikveh is being built in the area to accommodate the spiritual needs of the Satmar Chassidim that make their summer homes there. And even fewer people know that the Mikveh was the result of the generous philanthropy of Reb Shlomo Drimmer, a Lubavitch Chassid.
No, you did not misread that last clause – Rabbi Shlomo Drimmer is a Lubavitch Chassid who, in fact, just hosted the Satmar Rebbe – Rebbe Zalman Leib Teitelbaum in his summer residence. Present at the meeting was Rabbi Yoseph Tzvi Segal – the Rosh Kollel of the Tzemach Tzeddek Kollel in Jerusalem. Rabbi Drimmer in recalling the antagonism between the two Chassidic movements in the seventies remarked, “Things, of course, have changed considerably.”
Reb Zalmen Teitelbaum is one of the two Satmar Rebbes and is the third son of the previous Satmar Rebbe. In 2007, Reb Zalmen was voted the 15th most prominent Rabbi by Newsweek. Reb Zalmen’s older brother Reb Aharon is the other Satmar Rebbe and has a stronghold in Kiryas Yoel in Monroe.

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