Thursday, August 28, 2008

Minister Beaten with Hand-Gun during Robbery

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn - A black minister on his way home on Balfour Place was attacked when a perpetrator confronted him at the corner of Lefferts Avenue and demanded his money while pointing a handgun at him.The incident took place at around 12:15am, and the lone perp was described as a Black male. After demanding his money the minister refused, the perp began beating him with the pistol in the middle of which the gun discharged, but thankfully the bullet did not hit anyone.More pictures in the Extended Article.Numerous police officers responded to the scene but didn’t manage to catch the perp. ESU and lots of detectives were on scene as well searching for evidence and the perp, who at this time has not been apprehended.The minister was transported to a local hospital but did not sustain serious injuries.

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