Thursday, August 28, 2008

John McCain holds conference call with Chabad Head Shluchim

Republican nominee for President of the USA Senator John McCain held a conference call on Wednesday afternoon during which he addressed Head Shluchim from over 40 states.
Prior to the conference call Rabbi Levi Shemtov made sure to emphasize that this was is no way an endorsement* of the Senator and was being held on the request of the McCain campaign.
UPDATE 2:57PM - The Senator was on the call from 2:00pm EST and remained on until 2:22pm. He began his remarks by thanking everyone for joining in on the call and for everyone "associated with this great organization Chabad - Lubavitch." McCain also thanked the Shluchim for their support of his good friend Senator Joe Lieberman.
UPDATE 3:26PM - In response to a question on Senator McCain position on education, the Senator responded that he believes in vouchers and charter schools.
UPDATE 3:34PM - In response to a question on US/Israel relationship the Senator responded in part: "I worry about Hezbollah. I worry about Hamas. I worry a great deal about events in Lebanon where quote Hezbollah has veto power over the government of Lebanon..."
At an earlier point in the call McCain said "We will never allow another Holocaust."

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