Friday, August 29, 2008

A Group of Lubavitcher Bochurim Assaulted at Wall Mart of Monticello, NY

MONTICELLO, NY [CHN] — A young group of Lubavitcher Bochurim where assaulted last night, Thursday in the parking lot of Wall Mart in Monticello, NY.At approximately 10:30pm, Thursday night a group of four Lubavitcher Bochurim where making their way into Wall Mart of Monticello in the Catskills, when they where confronted at the doors by a group of several African American youths and egged them on to fight. The bochurim ignored them, and walked inside. On their way out a Wall Mart employee told the bochurim not to leave from the exit they entered but to leave from a different door because the unruly youths where still standing there.
The bochurim took the advise and left from a different exit. The African American youths noticed that the bochurim had exited, and started chasing them. The African Americans caught up with the bochurim and started punching and kicking them for no reason.
A fellow Jewish shopper witnessed the attack and called "CHAPTZEM". Dozens of Jewish shoppers immediately came to the bochurim's aid. The group of African Americans jumped in to their car and drove off. Another witness called 911/Police. Numerous Police cars showed up but the attackers where gone.
A sharp eyed witness followed the perpetrators vehicle and led Police to the thugs approximately a mile up the road, and arrested the perpetrators for assault and hate crimes, one of the Bochurim sustained a broken nose in the attack. Hatzolah transported the injured Bochur to a hospital in Monsey.

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